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We believe that creating a website for clients needs a lot more than just a fancy template and a couple of hit buttons. It should rather be more of how each customer who visits the site finds something that he has been looking for.


A website infrastructure is all about how comprehensively the information is provided to the customers. We have a very flexible approach to treat our customers according to their specific needs and requirements. Communication with clients is something that is most important to us and we try to make sure that we don\’t leave any of our clients unhappy. It is very important for us to know exactly what our clients are looking for and how we can provide them with the best solutions possible. We have a separate team that looks after gathering the required assets for developing the idea proposed to us by our clients

+44 7423398234 +44 7423398234

Welcome to PhoneBipAfrica Gateway,

 We offer you the opportunity to send single or bulk sms online. The cost of sending single sms with your phone in Nigeria to various networks can be expensive. We offer you a platform at a fixed low rate where you can unlimited messages.

 Some of our unique features are Customized Sender Id, Scheduler, Instant Delivery, Instant Delivery Report, Address Book, We Support over 580 networks in Africa and networks worldwide, API integration, Reseller Plan, and much more..

Churches, Politicians, Offices, Businesses, Individuals or groups in and outside Nigeria, can benefit from this solution. Reseller plan is also available for entrepreneurs and business owners. We also have a database of GSM numbers that can be purchased and used for campaigns and awareness of your business. Create your sms account today! (Put a link here on create today)

Our Features include the following:

http://infotekps.com/images/bullet.jpg Single/Bulk SMS Sending

http://infotekps.com/images/bullet.jpg Customized Sender ID (Alpanumeric)

http://infotekps.com/images/bullet.jpg Schedule SMS reminders for as long as you desire

http://infotekps.com/images/bullet.jpg Address Book, Bulk Contact

http://infotekps.com/images/bullet.jpg Number Filtering (Checks Duplicate Numbers)

http://infotekps.com/images/bullet.jpg HLR Lookup to Determine Network Status

http://infotekps.com/images/bullet.jpg Instant Delivery Report (GUARANTEED DELIVERY)




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