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Our events are alert and friendly and it is obvious that we allow you to showcase your company at our events.

ABPlatform is the home of Business Events, globally. We are able, through our sponsors and affiliated sites, to give your events visibility far beyond our site. You can also install a piece of code to allow your members to enter a postcode and see the events in the area surrounding that code, allowing them to network wherever they are. 

We will also be running a number of events every year in your region, at which you will be invited to take a display space in return for publicizing the event to your members. These events will follow a well-tried, successful format, with a guest speaker, a prize draw for charity and the opportunity for formal and informal networking.

What do we want from you now? We'd like to agree a way in which we can work together. We have two short-term objectives –

  • To create a comprehensive event directory for your home country or region
  • To build traffic to the home country or region site

what’s in it for you?

We may be able to give you one (or more) free Business memberships for people who add your events, and ask them to add them to our site, we also want to offer your members a 15 months membership for the price of a 12 month membership with your own unique promotional code.

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