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We know people sometimes think e-marketing is the same as spam, well it isn’t! Although it is also a form of marketing via email. However, we provide this service by emails to your potential customers and at the same time building a good relationship with them. We have designed our e-marketing to bring traffic to your website and boost sales. Our email marketing brings benefits, creates sales and brand awareness because it reaches new customers.

e-Marketing provides two category:
1) Company House Index List
2) Bulk Email Per Month

Company House Index List
It is only available for UK members who have the ABPlatform Gold Membership.

Bulk Email Per Month
It is available for all ABPlatform members.
Free Member Free Member
Standard Member Standard Member
Premium Member Premium Member
Gold Member Gold Member
0 mail per month
50 mail per month
100 mail per month
500 mail per month
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